AisleFinder-The Simplest app for finding products in the supermarket.

What is AisleFinder?

AisleFinder is the the simplest App for finding products within the supermarket. We do this by giving shoppers the aisle numbers to products that they put on their shopping lists.

Why do I need AisleFinder, I already know where everything is in my store?

Quick test, can you remember where the Cardamom seeds are, how about Honey, or Tea Crackers?

If you are a shopper that only shops at one store, and never deviate from buying the same products, then AisleFinder is probably not for you.
The typical Shopper in the USA spends at least 74 hours in supermarkets every year. That’s like going on a vacation in the Cereal aisle.

Easing the PAIN of spending a ton of unnecessary time in your grocery store, is why we created AisleFinder. Enabling you ,the shopper to spend that time doing things you really want to do.

How can I get my Store(s) added to AisleFinder?

 We are always actively adding stores each week, however if you want to give us an idea as to which stores we should add PRONTO, send an email directly to the CEO

How does AisleFinder get its data?

Unlike other aisle mapping solutions, AisleFinder does NOT crowdsource its data. At AisleFinder, we make relationships with each individual grocery store and supermarket, in order to gather their data.

How does AisleFinder keep their data fresh?

Every 2 months the team at AisleFinder reviews and reevaluates the data that we have on each store. In essence we know that having correct and reliable data is our bread and butter.

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